Recent Client Work
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Recent Client Work

Human Resources Transformation

Our client had grown rapidly through acquisition. Acquired companies were integrated to different degrees leaving the HR landscape with a patchwork of business processes, pay practices, and benefits programs.

Talent Management and Employee Engagement

Our client had been struggling with high turnover and low engagement prior to the pandemic. Concurrently, they experienced unprecedented levels of business growth which exacerbated their human capital challenges.

Change Management

Our client’s internal HR team did not have the capacity to fully engage in the scope of work required to support the implementation of a best-in-class HRIS platform to improve reporting and talent management capabilities and position the company for future growth. Enter Agilitas.

Organizational Design and Effectiveness

Our client had recently experienced a turnover of key long-tenured employees. They had also received several large multi-year grants that would lead to significant growth. Agilitas was engaged by the Executive Director with several deliverables.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Our client was assessing the acquisition of a larger competitor with operations in Europe and Asia. Agilitas was retained by the CEO to support the due diligence process. Upon completion of the process, we served as project manager for all aspects of human capital integration planning.

Executive Assessment and Coaching

Agilitas was retained by the US subsidiary of a multi-billion dollar logistics provider headquartered in South America to work with a high-potential expatriate struggling with several performance issues related to emotional intelligence.