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HR Consulting for Growing Businesses

In under 30 days, know the specific steps you need to take in order to
overcome your biggest human resource challenges.

Most Agilitas clients begin with an in-depth Human Capital Assessment covering all aspects of the business. This allows us to explore your company’s most important workforce needs, from the tactical to the strategic.

As part of this assessment, Agilitas conducts quantitative analysis to filter out the noise and support findings with data. Wills collects information from job descriptions, salary tables, engagement surveys, and other KPIs.

With this process, Agilitas interviews key stakeholders to learn about company culture, capture differing perspectives, and identify concerns. Confidential discussions encourage the type of information-sharing you simply cannot receive in-house.

At the conclusion of the Human Capital Assessment, Agilitas presents a report on its findings, a ranking of concerns by priority, and actions to take to resolve them.

Once the assessment shows you the actions to take, either Agilitas or your organization can implement them.

Agilitas can help you raise the bar in all areas of human resources

Workforce Planning and Organizational Design

  • Project the company’s turnover, retirements, and key position needs with a workforce planning template.
  • Redesign the organization to support growth or restructuring.

Progression and Performance Analysis

  • Set the right goals for individuals and teams by developing and implementing an annual performance management process.
  • Recommend the technology platform, training, and change management materials to put this process in place.

Recruiting Strategy and Process Design

  • Analyze the job posting process and the ROI from job boards like Indeed. Design and help implement changes to improve effectiveness.
  • Evaluate and recommend improvements to job postings, your company career website, and the application, interviewing, and onboarding experience.

Learning and Development

  • Evaluate the current approach and recommend changes. This may include specific strategies for targeted groups, such as people managers, high potentials, and high-skill roles.
  • Review and recommend partners for professional training programs, technology platforms, and other learning and development resources.

Executive Assessment and Coaching

  • Conduct 360 interviews with key stakeholders to identify gaps and establish a detailed project plan.
  • Perform in-person observations, provide professional resources, and produce ongoing progress reports and a project summary.

Culture, Engagement, & Communication; Succession Planning; and Talent Review 

  • Research and design a culture and engagement strategy. Create and implement a multi-faceted program to implement the new strategy.
  • Develop an internal communications plan to inform employees about company activities and to make them partners in its performance.